Properties: Strength, Perception, Assertion, Commitment & Goals

Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Leo & Capricorn

Numerology: 4

Mohs Hardness: 4 - 7

Source: Australia, Mexico, India, South Africa & US

Description: Known as an excellent stone for those who are uncommitted or spacey. Tiger's Eye assertion helps anchoring changes into the physical body, and helps one recognize faults while realizing talents. Known for working with self worth, creativity, personality disorder and mental diseases. Tiger's Eye is very protective snote, it is saud that the Roman soldiers wore them to protect them in battle. Assistant of accomplishing goals, while sorting through wishful thinking, bringing what you really need to light.

* This mala is made Tibetan style and with 108 beads. Malas can be used for meditation, chant mantras, prayers, affirmations, set intentions, or just fashion accessory. *

* Made with genuine gemstone partnered with a chakra, antique gold spacers, Swarovski crystals, Japanese silk tassel & stretchy memory cord. Stones, metals and tassels may vary during production based on availability.*

* Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts. *

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