Properties: Patience, Emotions & Memory

Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini

Numerology: 2

Mohs Hardness: 4

Source: US & Nova Scotia

Description: It is beleived that Howlite helps one show their true personality to the world. Opens attunement and helps prepare the mind to receive wisdom. It helps with longer term memory and reasoning. Helps with anger and facilitates reasoned communication.


* This mala is made Tibetan style and with 108 beads. Malas can be used for meditation, chant mantras, prayers, affirmations, set intentions, or just fashion accessory. *

* Made with genuine gemstone partnered with a chakra, antique gold spacers, Japanese silk tassel & stretchy memory cord. Stones, metals and tassels may vary during production based on availability.*

* Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts. *

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