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Namastay Sober

Namastay Sober
Namastay Sober
Namastay Sober

This bracelet was created out of love by organizations that are passionate about giving back, which is at the center of what we do.  This bracelet can be worn for whatever journey you are on in life, and anywhere on your wellness journey.  As Namastay Sober Founder Nico says “we are all in recovery from something”.  Adorn your wrist with this truly special bracelet made from all natural crystals - Black Onyx, Amethyst and a custom golden plated charm with The Seeking OM and Namastay logos designed to reflect as a symbol of your wellness journey.  A portion of the proceeds from this bracelet will benefit Namastay Sober.

To read more about Namastay Sober please visit their website

Amethyst: Comes from the Greek Word Amethystos, meaning not intoxicated. Amethyst is often used to treat drug and alcohol addictions and any compulsions. Healers use this crystal to lessen withdrawal symptoms.  Whether or not in recovery, Amethyst is soft energy crystal which allows for soothing and restful vibes.  The deep purple hue of the stone correlates with the Crown Chakra, which can ignite passion and creativity and can be used to connect with spirituality and religion.  

Black Onyx:  Comes from the Greek meaning for claw and fingernail.  Use that claw to help ground and to hold on and crush a goal.   It's a protection stone that helps transmute aggressive external energy, and turns it into mental strength, persistence and endurance.  Onyx is known for helping one find centering and alignment to help connect to higher power for guidance.

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