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Mindfulness Kit - New Beginnings

Mindfulness Kit - New Beginnings
Mindfulness Kit - New Beginnings
Mindfulness Kit - New Beginnings
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This beautiful kit has been hand-selected and curated to promote ease for you to cleanse the energy around you. Energy can often become stagnant and heavy when not properly cleansed. This kit provides you with many tools to help you cleanse negative and stagnant energies. Including:

Red Jasper Crystal - Grounding, Rooting & Stabilizing.

Morganite Crystal - Acceptance, Motivation & Self-Love.

New Beginnings Soy Wax Candle - Hand poured, soy wax candle, made with a citrus blend of essential oils. Infused with Citrine & Quartz crystal. Natural flat cotton wicks, lead, and zinc free. (2oz)

New Beginnings Roller - Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, and Grapefruit essential oils topped with fractionated coconut oil. Infused with Citrine & Quartz crystal. Directions on how to apply on the bottle. For external use only. (10ml)

Smudge Spray - Hydrosol Clary Sage, Lemon, and Cedarwood essential oils spray topped with Himalayan salt, astringent, and distilled water. Infused with Black Tourmaline crystals. Spray this on yourself, your house, car, or anywhere you want. For external use only. (2oz)

Smudge Stick (SMUDGE) - Natural Californian White Sage bundle. Open at least one window in the space you intend to smudge (Instructions on how to use it below).

Palo Santo (SMUDGE) - Ecuadorian natural Palo Santo stick is harvested sustainably after the tree has fallen naturally and cured for seven years (Instructions on how to use it below). (stick)

Feather - Real and naturally fallen feathers from birds. Cruelty-Free! Use it to fan the smudge.

How to Smudge: Starting from the main entry door of the space, light the Smudge Stick with a lighter. Allow to burn for a couple of seconds, put the flame out. Using a feather, fan the smoke from the smudge towards the space. The best practice is to continue “smudging” in a clockwise motion around the space, moving at a steady pace through-out, sending loving and cleansing thoughts. You may use a small plate under or an abalone shell to catch falling ashes. Follow up with the same steps with Palo Santo to insert positive energy into the space.

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