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Yoga, Barre, Reiki, Yoga Teacher Training, Crystals, Aromatherapy and much more. Located foot steps from Revere Beach, Seeking OM, as a studio we do much more than be a vinyasa yoga shala शाला (home), we offer several styles of yoga such as and not limited to vinyasa, prana, yin, power, restorative and much more. From reiki, to aromatherapy, to barre, to yoga, we are here to create and hold the space, space for you to grow and expand your practice. All of our yoga classes focuses on breath, movement, alignment and mindfulness. Our Yoga teachers are certified 200HR Yoga Teacher or more. Our Reiki Master is certified and an affiliate member of RMA under the USUI lineage. Seeking OM is a registered Yoga Alliance School ( RYS ).

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We are located in a new build (early 2017) and we are the first occupants of our studio where we created our own build out. Our brand new hardwood floors are made for soft landing while doing yoga. The doors are always locked, even when people are in the studio, we have a reception/lobby area where you can leave you belongings. The reception/lobby and retail area are monitored by cameras, however the section of the studio where we practice does not have cameras. We have a water bubbler, a free hot tea station, and bottled beverages for purchase. The section of the studio where we practice is cellphone and shoes free. We have a restroom inside of the studio full of toiletries.

Our beginners classes temps are around 76f.

"Gentle OM Flow" "OM Flow", & "Restorative OM" classes are between 76f-78f.

"Warm PowerFULL OM Flow" classes are between 82-85f.

"Reiki Circle" and "OM" classes are between 76-78f.

"Hot Power OM" classes are between 86-90f.

Come check out our handcrafted holistic products, we are conveniently located on the Blue Line, T stop Revere Beach (15min from Aquarium stop). On the corner of Dehon St. and North Shore Rd and only footsteps from Revere Beach.

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We welcome all race, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders, we stand with you, you are safe here

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These etiquettes were formulated based on frequently asked questions from our students & clients.

Be On Time! - Doors open 15min prior to start of class. Class start promptly at scheduled time. For late cancellations email

Drop-in Students - Drop in students are welcomed to classes as long as we have open space in the class. To facilitate your attendance into class, please book the class prior to arriving at the studio.

Attire - The most important thing is to wear clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. Think stretchy and sweat-wicking. Bathroom is available to change, located inside of the studio.

Fragrances & Personal Hygiene - Please minimize the use of perfume or cologne before class to avoid affecting others around you who might be sensitive or allergic. The studio is set to a minimum 75f,  you will mostly likely sweat in your practice, please plan accordingly from a hygiene stand point.

Hydrating - Water fountain is available at the studio, please bring thermos/bottles and stay hydrated! Before, during and after practice!

BYOM - Bring your own mat! Mats are limited at the studio and not guaranteed. Please bring a non-slip or slip resistant mat of your choice!

Remove your shoes - No shoes beyond lobby area. Please honor and respect our sacred and hygienic studio space.

Cellphones on silent - Please turn off the ringer on your phone or power your phone down. Please leave cellphones with your belongings. No cellphones inside the section of the studio where we practice.

Belongings - Please leave all of your belongings in cubbies in the lobby area. (ensuring safety for teachers & students in studio area).

Voice your restrictions - Make sure you let the teacher know if you have any injuries, restrictions and such.

It's OK to take breaks - If you need to rest or re-connect to your breath, drop into Bālāsana, Child's Pose.

Save Conversations with others for after class - Be mindful of everyone's practice and time, you can talk to your buddy later.

Listen to Cues - Stay connected and listening to the teacher, Inhale & Exhale as it is cued, you will benefit so much from staying connected.

Honor Teacher's Sequencing - Our teachers take a long time to create their sequencing, please respect their sequences and stay within the realm of the practice. Modifications are strongly recommended as well as deepening of your pose.

Honor your limits - For your safety, as well as respect for the teacher and other students, do not enroll in a class that is beyond your current level. Work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force to hold or attain a pose. Ask for modifications and practice your moves with control. Yoga is a practice that develops over time, honor your body limits and constraints.

Don't leave during Savasana!!!  - We understand if you must leave early but make sure you leave before Savasana! Please let teacher know before the class starts.

Put your props away - Please clean and put Mats, Straps, Blocks and Blankets away after use.

Hydrate - Don't forget to stay hydrated!!!

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Our OMbassadors come from diverse backgrounds, we celebrate our uniqueness and collectively together we blend into a beautiful team of inspiring professionals. From Vinyasa, to Yin, to Prana and Power, each one of us have something unique to offer. Meet our team.


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Drop in students are welcome! All regular classes are $15. Workshops, Certifications and Series are priced accordingly. Class cards must be used within 6 months from date of purchase. Class packages can be purchased online or at the studio. We accept cash and all major debit & credit cards Visa/MC/Amex/Discovery as forms of payment. All class memberships, packages & passes are final sale, non-transferable and non-refundable. Each individual must have their own membership, package & or pass, these cannot be shared with other members. Seeking OM Studio is powered by MINDBODY. All scheduling, all memberships and all payments for the studio is processed via MINDBODY.

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We offer Gift Certificate towards classes and class packages. You may purchase them online (we'll gladly mail them out to you or your recipient) or you may pick up a hard copy at the studio. The value of a Gift Certificate can range from $15 all the way to $500, you choose the value.

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