Give Back

At Seeking OM we believe that it is fundamentally important to give back. 
For that matter and many other reasons we are extremely proud and excited to have partnered with VETOGA!


VETOGA’s mission is to provide yoga, meditation, and healing arts to military, veterans, their families, and communities. At VETOGA this is accomplished by holding free monthly yoga classes, events and veteran specific 200-Hour Teacher Trainings throughout the year.  VETOGA is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. with several pods spread all over the USA.

VETOGA seeks to build sustainable communities by bringing the healing aspects of yoga to veterans, their families, and communities. They provide access to a range of healing modalities to facilitate healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Teacher Training equip veterans with the holistic tools and teachings to continue to pass on the healing power of yoga.

Here at Seeking OM a portion of all proceeds will be donated to VETOGA. Please consider helping us and visit our donation page;

Meet the Founder and President of VETOGA - Justin M. Blazejewski

For more information please visit our page at VETOGA