200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

"find your journey, find yourself"

Join us on this amazing journey of self-discovery and expansion of self practice. This 200HR YTT with Carolyn Lundell, will help guide you to deepen your practice, and give you the tools and skills to effectively be able to share yoga with others while becoming a certified 200HR yoga teacher. Graduates of this Teacher Training are eligible to register as a 200RYT with The Yoga Alliance. A 200-Hours certification will be granted upon satisfactory completion of all assignments and practicum. A majority of the program will be taught by Carolyn, and  we will use additional faculty to cover special topics in the program.

Carolyn Lundell
E-RYT 200

Our lead teacher Carolyn believes that yoga is a great way to find strength, peace, and freedom both on and off the mat. She was first introduced to yoga in 2005 when she enrolled in a semester-long yoga program in college. She remembers leaving from her first class and feeling perfectly in unison with herself. She emphasizes working on “finding your edge” – a method that explains we can accomplish more than we think if we can find stillness in the present. She hopes that by coming to her classes, you will begin to enjoy living more in the moment. If that is by enjoying a more challenging pose or offering a modification then she welcomes it all! Carolyn is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, through Yoga Alliance. Carolyn is also a Reiki 1 Practitioner under the Usui Ryoho method.



Scotty James McCraney

Kae McCraney

 Willa Worsfold

Anthony Tomasi

Lizzie Muse


This vinyasa based, Yoga Teacher Training has been put together in accordance to the standard requirements set from Yoga Alliance. This training program has adequately been prepared to guide the trainees to teach a general adult population. Part of the focus is to give general guidance and practice of such topics: Yoga for Beginners; Pre-Natal Yoga; Yin Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; Restorative Yoga; Ashtanga Yoga; Iyengar Yoga; Power Yoga; Sutras; Yamas; Niyamas; Ayurveda; Mudras; Sanskrit; Chakras & Subtle Body and more.
We will be spending 100 hours covering Techniques, Training and Practice. We will explore asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. You will learn various techniques in each topic and how to apply in your practice and teaching others using such techniques.

We will be spending 25 hours covering Teaching Methodology. We will explore how to assist and help correct student postures, while learning various teaching styles. During this section we will also explore the "business" side of yoga, where you will learn about insurance, liability and other legal aspects of yoga, certifications, how to market yourself, create your brand and how to charge for your services.
We will be spending 20 hours covering Anatomy and Physiology. We will explore the physiological and anatomical components of the human body, where you will learn in much more detail about bones, muscles, joints in the principles of yoga. We will also explore the energy anatomy and physiology of the chakras, nadis & subtle body.

We will be spending 30 hours covering Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga. We will explore the study of yoga philosophies and traditional text of the Yoga Sutra and Eight Limbs of Yoga. We will also explore ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher – student relationships and community.
Practicum will take place at the end of the training program. Where you will practice teaching as the lead instructor and will receive feedback and also observe other student teachers practice their teaching as well.

::: DATES :::

::: 2018-2019 TRAINING DATES :::

 9/5/2018 - 2/24/2019
Wednesdays - 6PM-9PM    Practices (more frequently)
Saturdays - 11AM-5PM     Workshops
Sundays - 11AM-5PM     Workshops (very few)
We took in consideration for the Holiday months; November & December.

Wednesday 9/5 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Sunday 9/9 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 9/12 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 9/19 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 9/22 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 9/26 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 9/29 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 10/3 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 10/10 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 10/13 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Sunday 10/14 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 10/17 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 10/24 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 10/27 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Sunday 10/28 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
NOVEMBER (Intentionally light for Holidays) 2018
Saturday 11/3 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 11/7 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 11/14 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 11/17 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 11/28 - Practice 6PM-9PM
DECEMBER (Intentionally light for Holidays) 2018
Saturday 12/1 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Sunday 12/2 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 12/5 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 12/12 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 12/19 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 1/2 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 1/5 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Sunday 1/6 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 1/9 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 1/16 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 1/19- Workshop 11AM-5PM
Sunday 1/20 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 1/23 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 1/30 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 2/2 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Saturday 2/3 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 2/6 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Wednesday 2/13 - Practice 6PM-9PM
Saturday 2/16 - Workshop 11AM-5PM
Wednesday 2/20 - PRACTICUM 6PM-9PM
Saturday 2/23 - PRACTICUM 11AM-5PM
::: 2019-2020 TRAINING DATES :::

 10/16/2019 - 3/29/2020

Wednesdays - 6PM-9PM
Practices (more frequently)

Saturdays - 11AM-5PM

Sundays - 11AM-5PM
Workshops (not as frequent)
We took in consideration for the Holiday months; November & December.
*** Dates are coming soon! ***
MARCH 2020

::: TUITION :::

2018-2019 Payment Options
We have 3 options;

Early Bird: $2,800 when paid in full by July 1st, 2018.

Pay in Full: $3,000 ($500 deposit) the rest is due by September 1st, 2018. - Deposit Link Here & Pay remainder $2,500 Link Here!

Payment Plan: $3,200 ($500 deposit) evenly 6 month installments of $450 due on 1st each month (September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st and February 1st).
Please contact the studio for any questions contact@seekingom.com

2019-2020 Payment Options
We have 3 options;

Early Bird: $2,800 ( $500 is deposit due immediately to hold spot) the rest is due by August 1st, 2019. 

Pay in Full: $3,000 ($500 is deposit due immediately to hold spot) the rest is due by October 1st, 2019.

Payment Plan: $3,200 ($500 is deposit due immediately to hold spot) evenly 6 month installments of $450 due on 1st each month (October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, February 1st and March 1st).
Please contact the studio for any questions contact@seekingom.com

* Tuition includes a complete training manual. *

* You will be required to acquire; additional reading books (est. $10-30), meals and transportation are your responsibility. *

* Any tuition payments made towards training are refundable up to one-month prior to the start of training minus $125 administrative fee and deposit of $500. Tuition is non-refundable after the start of the program, in the case of unforeseen circumstances causing a trainee to leave training, prorated payment may be transferred to another Seeking OM teacher training program held within 18 months, prorated amount can be refunded under the discretion of the studio, monetary/financial return will be provided after deduction of prorated amount, and after 60 days from official written request to withdraw of the program. These policies are in addition to the general policies of Seeking OM as posted on the website and on premises. Certificates and approval for Yoga Alliance will not be issued until the complete payment of tuition. Failure of payment compliance will result in rejection of the program. Seeking OM LLC reserve all rights to make changes in any of the policies in this yoga teacher training program.*


Fill-out application bellow.
Must meet with lead teacher & studio management.
Full commitment & 100% attendance!
We recommend 1 year of consistent yoga practice and require a minimum of six months of a consistent yoga practice or equivalent training.