These etiquettes were formulated based on frequently asked questions from our students & clients.

Be On Time! - Doors open 15min prior to start of class. Please don't be late! For late cancellations email

Attire - The most important thing is to wear clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. Think stretchy and sweat-wicking.

Fragrances & Personal Hygiene - Please minimize the use of perfume or cologne before class to avoid affecting others around you who might be sensitive or allergic. The studio is set to a minimum 75f,  you will mostly likely sweat in your practice, please plan accordingly from a hygiene stand point.

Hydrating - Water fountain is available at the studio, please bring thermos/bottles and stay hydrated! Before, during and after practice!

BYOM - Bring your own mat! Mats are limited at the studio and not guaranteed. Please bring a non-slip or slip resistant mat of your choice!

Remove your shoes - No shoes beyond lobby area. Please honor and respect our sacred and hygienic studio space.

Cellphones on silent - Please turn off the ringer on your phone or power your phone down. Please leave cellphones with your belongings.

Belongings - Please leave all of your belongings in cubbies in the lobby area. (ensuring safety for teachers & students in studio area).

Voice your restrictions - Make sure you let the teacher know if you have any injuries, restrictions and such.

It's OK to take breaks - If you need to rest or re-connect to your breath, drop into Bālāsana, Child's Pose.

Save Conversations with others for after class - Be mindful of everyone's practice and time, you can talk to your buddy later.

Listen to Cues - Stay connected and listening to the teacher, Inhale & Exhale as it is cued, you will benefit so much from staying connected.

Honor Teacher's Sequencing - Our teachers take a long time to create their sequencing, please respect their sequences and stay within the realm of the practice. Modifications are strongly recommended as well as deepening of your pose.

Honor your limits - For your safety, as well as respect for the teacher and other students, do not enroll in a class that is beyond your current level. Work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force to hold or attain a pose. Ask for modifications and practice your moves with control. Yoga is a practice that develops over time, honor your body limits and constraints.

Don't leave during Savasana!!!  - We understand if you must leave early but make sure you leave before Savasana! Please let teacher know before the class starts.

Put your props away - Please clean and put Mats, Straps, Blocks and Blankets away after use.

Hydrate - Don't forget to stay hydrated!!!

Namaste -