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Bracelet Repair

Bracelet Repair

Congratulations you had a breakthrough! If your bracelet breaks, don’t worry, it could actually be a good thing! When a crystal jewelry breaks, some people say it may represent a breaking of previous undesired patterns and a release of energy. You can toss toss those crystal to the sea or burry it in the ground, this represents the continuity of a release. But if you really want to keep your bracelet, no worries we do restring it.

We are happy to restring your Seeking OM Bracelet for a fee of $5 USD. It Must be a Seeking OM bracelet, no exceptions.

  • * Repair Terms *

    • I understand that if I select “No Beads Missing” no extra beads will be added to the bracelet.

    • I understand that if I select “Missing #-# Beads” the beads will be replaced with beads that match best matches to existing beads. Sometimes the color might be slightly different based on availability of crystal.

    • I understand that the turn around time from repair is 7 days from arrival to Seeking OM.

    • I understand that items will be shipped 1st Class USPS (arrives 4-7 business days).

Bracelets can be dropped off or shipped to:

Seeking OM, LLC
19 Dehon st.
Revere, MA 02151

Please ensure you include a return address. 

Have questions? Please email us:

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