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Properties: Energy Shield, Stamina, Vitality & Self Confidence

Chakra: n/a

Zodiac: Leo

Numerology: 3

Mohs Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Source: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile & Peru

Description: Know as Fool's Gold, from the Greek; pyrite, firestone. Excellent energy shield, blocks out negative energy and all pollutants, protecting the subtle and physical bodies, while deflecting all harm. It helps create a positive outlook. Helpful for men who feel lack of confidence, it strengthens confidence in masculinity but may be too strong for "macho" men.


* Stretch bracelet measures aprox. 7" sized to fit most wrists *
* (custom sizing available, please contact for more info). *
* Swarovski crystal set on gold plated or silver plated spacer. *
* Charms are silver plated or brass. *
* Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts. *

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