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Temporarily Closing Due to COVID-19 through Sunday 3/15.

Temporarily Closing Due to COVID-19 through Sunday 3/15.
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After careful consideration and watching what is happening in our community, surrounding and information from the CDC and Department of public health, we have made the decision to close Friday, Saturday and Sunday in an effort to gather more information and keep our community safe. At this time, Revere Schools and surrounding cities are closed and we plan to follow along with the city of Revere in taking proactive steps to support containment, and help prevent further spread. At this point this is an easy decision for us on the basis of our ethics and social responsibility as a non essential business. The health and safety of our community is top priority, and until we have more information, this seems like the only responsible solution to work in conjunction with our community.

At the end of the day, we want to keep our teachers and students safe, as well as Kae and myself and all of our families that we go home to. We ask for your patience at this time to allow us to regroup and determine which contingency plan we are going with. We will have more information by Monday and will post back here then. We are creating plans around having some positive information in the next few days, but have made logistical plans to still offer services to our members moving forward.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time, and we appreciate your patience as Kae and I and our teachers take some time to cater to ourselves and our families so we can make the best determination moving forward. As a small business, these decisions are never easy, but our hearts and heads align on this until we gather more info.

Please take care of yourselves, family and don’t forget to check on those who need it! Be well, stay safe.


Scotty & Kae

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