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Programming & Setting Intention

Programming & Setting Intention
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Programming Gemstones and Crystals

The intention of programming a stone is to focus the energy on a specific need or desire. Once an intention is set for that stone continually emit the energy in which it was programmed to until its clean, cleared and reprogrammed again. You may program a stone to have several intentions, it is best practice to limit to a max of 3 intentions to not saturate the stone. You might seek healing, protection, or spiritual guidance, you may ask to bring more love or prosperity into your life or wish to better your home or work environment. The possibilities are endless.

How to Program and Set an Intention

To begin make sure you prepare an intention, it is important that your intention is well thought out and focused, therefore when you set your intention your stone will not be confused and the energy that it will emit will be focused as well on your intention.

Then you must select a stone that resonates with the intention you want to set. Follow the healing property chart to make sure you choose the best stone for your intention.

Finally before programing your stone make sure you cleanse and energize it, follow the How to Care page for more information.

Now to program you stone find a quite space and have a sit. Lay your stone on your right hand and rest your hand over your left hand. Let both of your hands lay on your lap or legs. Gaze at the stone. Sense its energy, and allow your energy to become attuned with the stones energy. Once you feel in harmony with the stone, begin to recite your intention out loud. Repeat it several times until you feel intuitively that the programing is completed.

Once you programmed your stone you may wear your stone and benefit from your intention programing.

Beware that a stone may be corrupt or exchange their programs when coming into physical contact with one another, to prevent this keep your stones away from each other in case you have multiple stones. Make sure to re-program your stone if you if you become more attuned to your intention and then re-focus your intention.

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