New Moon in Cancer ♋️

New Moon in Cancer ♋️

During New Moon, the Sun, the Moon, and Earth are in alignment, technically known as a Syzygy or Conjunction. This alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth, the side of the Moon that faces Earth is left in complete darkness, normally why the Moon can not be seen during New Moon phase. During New Moon phase, the Moon rises and sets around the same time as the Sun.  This results in an immense glare making it extremely difficult so see the moon with the naked eye.

Today, when Sun enters Cancer to begin the Summer season, the Sun and Moon will conjoin for a New Moon. With Cancer being a water sign, the ocean plays a huge part during the New Moon in Cancer. King tides, sea rises are often common during this time. The constant change in sea levels is a direct correlation with our state of mind during this particular moon phase.

Any astrological events in Cancer are likely to invoke the theme of cycles. This is due to the association of Cancer and Water, as well as Cancer being a sign ruled by the Moon. 

The New Moon in Cancer is more likely to be an extraction and dilution of such cycles, ending of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another. This New Moon will be stirring emotions that happened the previous 29 days and it may even bring more clarity.

Any unfinished business may be resolved now, or you may just be feeling a lot clearer to find answers and act on.

This is a great period to spend time with family, relaxing and taking things slow. Emotions may run high during this time, but it will also allow hidden emotions to speak up if you have been waiting to share something, this is the time. However, this is not the time to overthink or over analyzing things. Allow the anxiousness and stress levels to gently dissipate.

The most important take away is that this is a transitional time, emotions may run high, but you will feel truly supported by the nurturing feeling of the New Moon in Cancer. Time to draft a new intention so you can collect your fruits come Full Moon.


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