Worm Moon - Last Full Moon of the Winter season

The month of March marks the last Full Moon of the Winter season, called the Worm Moon by the Native Americans. The name signals the coming of Spring ( Spring Equinox is March 20th ) in the Northern Hemisphere. The Full Moon is believed to bring along the thawing of the soil and the awakening of earthworms.

The Full Moon in March is also known as the Crow Moon; because crows show-up at the end of winter. Also known as the Sap Moon; marking the time when maple sap begins to flow and tapping of maple trees begins.

Typically during Worm Moon, the ground starts to soften, and earthworm begin to reappear, just in time for the return of migrant birds to feast. The roots of all plants thrive during this time and the Earth goes through a re-birth phase, as if awakening from hibernation.


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