How do I re-energize my crystals?

There are several ways to re-energize you crystal/stone; the most affective and powerful way is to rest it under Full Moon rays, the gravitational pull of a Full Moon is excellent to re-energize anything and anyone, for best results allow your crystal/stone to rest overnight under the rays.

You may also re-energize by leaving the crystal/stone under Sun rays, this is a quick and easy.

For cloudy days you can use rock salt or brown rice; the nourishing, grounding quality of the salt and rice balances the stones’ energy and removes negativity, allow the crystal/stone to rest on it for several hours, the salt and rice should be dispose after single use for being saturated with unwanted energy.

The most important take way here is to respect and appreciate all of the properties of the crystal/stone, and know that they may become saturated with negative energy, for that matter if in constant use it is recommended to clean it every two weeks and re-energize it every four days or sooner as needed. When saturated it's best to allow the crystal/stone to re-energize and you can keep doing it over and over again.


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