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Hello to our Amazing Seeking OM community! We hope you and yours are all staying well during these unprecedented times.
We just wanted to communicate where things stand with Seeking OM at the moment. Due to many factors, we do not foresee opening a brick and mortar and revisiting the same business model as before things were so interrupted by COVID-19 in Revere. We also will not be having any outdoor or in person classes as we do not see opportunities to do it safely and effectively. Virtual is not a sustainable business model, and attempting to open a brick and mortar with restrictions we feel like it is unsafe and completely financially unstable. That coupled with the Revere community continually being hit hard by the pandemic, and the current climate in Revere, we just cannot envision a time of reopening a physical space here and any time in the near future. We have been working really hard on the hamster wheel, and it’s time to figure out what’s next.

We will continue our virtual platform even though it has been quiet, we feel strongly about continuing the Seeking OM brand and classes that way. If you have passes that were purchased before COVID-19, please remember they all expire August 31. We will currently only be offering single drop-in passes that must be used by August 31. On September 1st we will be going away from MINDBODY and going back to Zoom for more reliability.

Kae and myself will be taking a much needed sabbatical and self-care time in August, as this has all affected all of us, we need to take a little break and figure out what’s next on the horizon for Seeking OM. This will allow an opportunity to revisit our creative process and entrepreneurial spirit.

If you have registered for any of the Reiki trainings, please know we will revisit this when it’s deemed safe.
We will not be running any Yoga Teacher Trainings for 2020, but please stay tuned for next year!
We truly thank you all for your continued love and support, and our amazing teachers who have been the glue holding our community together during these challenging times. We truly enjoyed our 2 years in our physical space, and over 4 years hustling our handmade products all over the place, it’s time for a little Savasana. Please stay well and continue to enjoy our virtual classes!


Kae & Scotty

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